Know the Maintenance Services

Fermorel provides several maintenance services, always aiming at customer satisfaction, counting on excellent professionals, delivering all this in the term and within the norms.

The word “dedetization” originates from the pesticide Dichloro Diphenyl Trichlorethane, the popular DDT, widely used after World War II, the term was generally used to define any similar substance..

Maintenance is the action of maintaining, sustaining, repairing or conserving something or something. Maintenance is formed by a set of actions that help in the proper and correct functioning of something.

Septic or septic tanks are primary treatment units of domestic sewage in which separation and physical-chemical transformation of the solid matter contained in the sewage are made. 

Person or resource used to solve difficulties and various problems.


We provide professional services of construction, renovation and installation with real focus on customer satisfaction, with great quality and excellence in the delivery of our work.

  • Responsibility with the Delivery Time
  • Superior Quality and Excellence
  • Quality and Value for the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Quality of Service
  • Relation of Trust with the Client
  • Focusing on Customer Satisfaction


  • Can I just leave the house in the plaster?

    This practice is not advisable as infiltrations may occur.

  • Can I paint porcelain floor?

    It could, however, be epoxy paint – but with the possibility of scratching or even fading in the future.

  • How important is preventive sanitation in air conditioning?

    Increases efficiency, prolonging the life of the equipment as well as the compressor avoiding breaks, reducing the expenses with exchanges of parts, energy consumption.

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